Jacqueline Azur

Art Photographer. World Traveler. Collector of Visions. 

Photographer Jacqueline Azur Madara-Campbell travels the world capturing compelling images of beauty in diverse forms. Some of her work is organic and some composition. She lets the image “tell her” what it wants to be. 


Both Jacqueline’s love of animals and her love of photography started when she was just a child. Today these twin passions unite in her work as a photographer.  

Her photojournalistic "follow the action" style enables Jacqueline to capture stories and personalities That special ability comes from her roots in television news. Additionally, her background in oil painting lends Jacqueline's post production ability and artistic sensibility a panache seldom found. 

Browse the Jacqueline Azur catalog and find your next art love. Collect the world through the Jacqueline Azur lens from the comfort of home.

Exhibitions - Current / Upcoming

Night Skies

R Gallery Online Exhibit, Through July 14, 2020

During the daytime, our skies are filled with light, clouds, and the vast blue atmosphere. However, when the sun goes down, everything changes. We get a glimpse of the universe beyond and see our world transform under the blanket of darkness.

Night Skies 

R Gallery, Boulder Colorado, July 14 - August 16 - 2020


LA Artcore 4th Annual Photographic Competition & Exhibition/

2nd Place / Los Angeles, California - 2020 (Winning piece: "Window to a Wild Soul")



Proudly based in the Houston Texas metro area

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